School Slang, Idioms & Phrasal Verbs
ace a test
to get a perfect score or to do very well on a test
I'm going to study real hard so that I can ace the test.

blow something
to do something poorly, to fail something
I can't believe I blew another test. My grades are going down the tube.

brush up on
to review
We need to brush up on our Spanish since we are going to Mexico next month for vacation.

ditch class
to skip class, to be absent from class without permission
Max and Jo ditched class yesterday. They went to Disneyland instead of going to class.

To play hooky
To be absent from school without permission

teachers pet
the teacher's favorite student
Mary is totally the teacher's pet. He gives her a good grade no matter how poorly she

A person who studies a lot

Beast out
to study to excess or to be over-competitive in school-work.

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back to basics :
If you talk about getting back to basics, you are suggesting that people have become too concerned with complicated details or new theories, and that they should concentrate on simple, important ideas or activities.
Example" Life has been very complicated to me ,from now on I will be back to basics"
This word is used to refer to a person who spends a lot of time studying or reading.
It can be used with a negative meaning (expressing that the person lacks of interpersonal skills) or with a positive meaning (refering to someone who is smart or has a great academic prospekt).
Example: Stella was a bookworm in highschool, she spent all day reading about History

crank out a paper
draw a blank : elict no successful , fail. Example : my search about argentian millioners drew a blank.
flunk out: to have to leave school or college because your work is not good enough
Example: selena won't be in school next year, she flunked out
hit the books
Means to study with concentrated effort
Example: You need to hit the books in order to pass the examns.

pass with flying colors: Means to do very well in an exam and get very good marks.
Example: Laura is a very bright student and I'm sure she will pass all her exams with flying colours.
loose cannon : uncontrolled person who is liable to cause unintentional damage . Example :Many of the cpo heroes in films are loners and loose cannos.
egghead: Means someone who is very intelligent and only interested in ideas,books and other mental activities.
Example: You don't have to be an egghead to be a great scientific,you have to work at it day after day and believe in yourself.
show-off: To try to make people admire your abilities, achievements or possessions- used to show disapproval.
Example: Mark couldn't resist showing off on the tennis court. By Mara Godoy
smart alec ( also smart aleck) some who always had the right answer for everything,especially in a way that annoys people.
"I gave him a piece of my mind because I got tired of his always being an smart alec".
crack a book open a book and read it. example : they can run with a football with a litle concern if they ever crack a book.
cut class: to skip a school class or day of school without an excuse.
Example: yesterday all the students cut their language class and went to play in the play room.
have one's nose in a book: this means to be reading.
Example: Helen knows a lot about every subject because she always has her nose in a book.
make the grade: to perform well enough to succeed in something.
Example: I wanted to be a football player, but I didn't make the grade.

Other Expressions!

A lenient teacher: is a teacher who is not strict and does not punish students who deserve to be punished.
Example: If you are too lenient with your students, you can be sure that they will take advantage of you.
Edutainment: something designed to be both educational and entertaining.
Example: Some people would say that [[#|computer games]] are edutainment.

A MOCK EXAM: is a practice exam usually taken a short time before a real and important exam.
Example: I passed my mock proficiency exam, so I'm confident that I will do well in the real thing.

A CLOSED BOOK: refers to a subject that you don't understand or know anything about.
Example: I'm afraid accounting will always be a closed book to me.

TO BE EXPELLED FROM THE SCHOOL: to be dismissed from school permanently because you have done something very bad.
Example: Susan was expelled from school for insolence to her teacher. By Mara Godoy

A GIFTED STUDENT: a student with natural ability to do something very well.
The headmaster was dismayed that such a gifted student should choose to leave school at the age of sixteen. By Mara Godoy

Jump off the page
If someone jumps off the page, he or she stands out or is extraordinarily intelligent or talented.