Paragraph 1 - Education

The main reasons why education is so important is personal achievement. We know that an educated person is someone who has acquired a level of instruction that allows him to get a better place in society. An educated person is the result of many years of sacrifices and discipline that forged his character and personality. But the important fact in here is that this person not only will fight for getting a better place within society, but also will fight for his partners and family to get a better position too. On the other hand, people that has abandoned the education system, has faced many problems in being re introduced into the system; and find easier to be temped for crime and delinquency. The task is not easy if we consider the low standards in education and the amount of desertion that can be seen in secondary school. But if we take into account the long term results, the benefits will be greater. Education is not only a weapon to change the world, but also a way of setting a person free and aware of his capabilities.

Paragraph 2 – Computers

Computers have made our lives easier in two ways. The first one deals with organization, and is related to the amount of things that we do through computers. From waking up early in the morning with the cell phone alarm, till having our meals scheduled, computers help us to organize our day; and the number of activities and task that they do for us is constantly increasing. Furthermore, computers and technology are as much part of our lives that we even do not need to understand its ways of functioning. Just by clicking a button we can have everything we want, and this is the second reason: accessibility. The possibility of having all we need through simple steps. From downloading bestselling books from the web store in an e-book form, till shopping with our credits cards from distant parts of the world. Computers and technology let us have the whole world in one hand. This is the main reason why computers are a helpful tool that makes our lives easier.