success (countable and uncountable; plural successes)
  1. (obsolete) Something which happens as a consequence; the outcome or result. [16th-18th c.]  []
  2. The achievement of one's aim or goal. [from 16th c.]His third attempt to pass the entrance exam was a success.
  3. (business) financial profitability.Don't let success go to your head.
  4. One who, or that which, achieves assumed goals.Scholastically, he was a success.The new range of toys has been a resounding success.

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Idioms and phrasal verbs:

Bring the house down:
to excite the audience into making a great clamor of approval. "Karen's act brought the house down. She really brought down the house with her comedy"."The dream of every performer is to bring the house down"

*Come up roses: to result favorably or successfully. "Tomy 's childhood was really painful, but now his life is coming up roses in Madrid".

*Come/turn up trumps: to complete an activity successfully or produce a good result, especially when it is not expected. "Johny came up the trumps with his work without being explained how to do it. His boss was very surprised".

*Flying colours. when you are very successful in doing something. "George had very good marks in his tests. He passed them with flying colours"

*Flying start: a very good beginning to something. "Henry and his music band had a flying start with their performance. The crowd was excited".

*Get a foothold: to find a starting point and support somewhere. " The new restaurant is beginnig to get a foothold in the neighbourhood. Everybody wants to have dinner there".

*Front runner : a person or thing that is going to succeed in doing something. "Peter 's got an amazing profile. He's the front runner to get the job"

*Go great guns: to be very successful. "Samantha doesn't care about her new project, she went great guns with the previous one"

*Go (off/over) with a bang: to success spectacularly. "My presentation went over with the bang. I got the job! "

*Got it made: to have succeeded, to be set for life. "Richard and Julia got it made, before marrying they already had a car, a house and a very good income". / "I have it made. I have a good job, a nice family and an optimistic view about the future".

*Hit (orstrike) pay dirt: to get great riches , to achieve something important or valuable. " Kate became very wellknown in the wold of bussiness, she hit pay dirt with her company".

*By hook or by crook: determination to do something using any possible method. " Angela 's determination was to finish her career by hook or by crook".

*Jump on the bandwagon: to support something that is popular / to do something just because everybody does it. "Many people jump on the Facebook website bandwagon to make friends".

Leaps and bounds:
if progress or growth happens in leaps and bounds, it happens very quickly Ashley's reading has come on in leaps and bounds since she's been at her new school. Leaders of the organization say their membership is growing by leaps and bounds.
*Live to fight another day:to lose a fight or competition but not to be completely defeated and therefore be able to try again in the future. "Yesterday my friend lost his job but he lived to fight another day.Tomorow,he is going to present his CV at the new hotel ".

(Have come) a long way: To have accomplish much to have advanced much." Tom has come a long way in his career so far".

Make a go of (something): to achive success . Example :Tinelli has made a go of on the televisión.
Make headway: to make progress or get closer to achieving something

Make inroads : to make advances in something . Example : Tv in argentina has made great inroads into cinema.
Make a killing: Means to earn a lot of money in a short time and with little effort. " Many politicians make a killing with money laundering"
Make or break: describes us a situation which will bring great success or, on the other hand, a complete failure.
Make a comeback : to return to one"s former ( successful) career .Example , after ten years in retirement the Singer made a comeback.
Move up in the world: to have more wealth or a better social position than you had before.

*Nothing succeeds like success! : this is a proverb which means that if you have succeeded,you will continue to be successful in the future . "George's reports were awe-inspiring for the crowd. Nothing succeeds like success! "

Ahead of the pack :means to be more successful tan those are competing against . Example : Joe is away ahead of the pack in the math football.
Place in the sun : to have a dominant or favorable position or situation . Today beauty girls place in the sun when they are hunting a job .
From rags to riches: From poverty to wealth ,from modesty to ellegance. "After winning the lottery,Andrew has come from rags to riches".

*Riding high: to feel very happy and confident. "I was riding high when passed all my final exams"

Rise to the occasion: to meet the challenge of an event;to try extra hard to do a task. "John was able to rise to the occasion and make the conference a success".

Sail through something: to easily succeed in something. "The new voting machines sailed through their first election day test last Tuesday".

*Smash hit: a very successful new play, film or book. " Harry Potter 's books were really smash hit when they were published".

The sky is the limit: Means that there is no limit! "The sky is the limit for your dreams, you have to chase them to get what you want".
Turn the tables (on someone or something): to change the situation, so that someone's position is the opposite of what it was - specially when the weaker position becomes the dominant.
For example: "Alice was a little bit lost after college but she turned the tables by getting a wll paid job, she is now travelling all around the world."
Be on the crest of a wave: means to be very succesful so that many good things happen to you in a short period of time.
For example: "Tom was on the crest of a wave after graduating, he already had job proposals from the best law firms in the city"
On the up and up

*Weather the storm: to experience something and survive it / to survive dificulties. " The factory had big economic troubles last year, but it could weather the storm after selling the old machines"

Have the world at your feet: Means to be extremely succesful and admired by a great number of people. " Robert Pattison has the world at his feet".

Bleed dry
If you bleed someone dry, you extract all their available money from them or make them work hard.
For example: My boss is extremelly hard working an strict, he bleeds us dry!

Go to town
Someone who goes to town does something enthusiastically and as completely as possible, especially if this involves spending a lot of money.